ChromeVox Classic Keyboard Shortcuts Reference

We strongly encourage you to get familiar with our newest version of ChromeVox as soon as possible. The old version, “ChromeVox Classic,” will only be around for a short while, so for now, we’re keeping this short reference available. But we’re sure that you’ll like the faster, easier-to-use version, so you won’t miss “Classic” for long (if at all). Click this link for more information about the new version of ChromeVox. Click here for how to use the new ChromeVox with your Chromebook.

ChromeVox Modifier Keys

Important Note: There is no future development planned to change, enhance, or add functionality for the ChromeVox Classic browser extension.

This reference is a complete list of all the keyboard commands associated with ChromeVox Classic. These commands can be referenced at any time through the command help menu. Press ChromeVox + Period and use the up and down arrow keys to navigate or begin typing the command you are looking for.

Sticky Mode

Speech Commands

Basic Navigation

Jump Commands

ChromeVox allows you navigate through lists of similar items, such as links, headers etc. To move to a specific item on a page, press ChromeVox + either N or P. N stands for Next and P stands for Previous.


To move to the next header on the page, press ChromeVox + N then H. To move to the previous header on the page, press ChromeVox + P then H.

You can also move to a specific heading level by pressing ChromeVox + N or P then the number representing that heading level. For example, to move to the next level 2 header, press ChromeVox + N then 2.

Other items

Table Mode

Table Mode is activated by ChromeVox + Back slash when reading a table. The following are the commands that become available only in table mode.

Use the command help menu ChromeVox + Period to explore additional table commands.

Getting Help